Choosing a New Path – Leaving the Bars Behind

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This is a new segment for our blog about the alumni of HOLLYWOOD IMPACT STUDIOS who are choosing a new path – one that leaves prison and jail behind. It is intended to be of help to our students who have recently left jail/prison or are about to, so they can see how the men before them have succeeded by choosing a new path. Below is our first installment from Bill, our former student turned mentor and friend of HOLLYWOOD IMPACT STUDIOS.


“I am an addict and alcoholic. Hard to admit, but the truth, For me that was step 1 to my total transformation. My bad habits landed me in jail and prison for a grand total of 15 years on the installment plan. I finally surrendered and started a relationship with a God of my choice, I sought and continue to seek His guidance. I walked away from my past associates, places where I hung out and everything else. I am coming up on 4 years clean and sober, it’s not always easy, but it’s never hard either. I can’t we can, meaning NA, AA and God. I am employed full time, I have been attending College for 4 semesters now and completed the Construction Management Program. I attend meetings, church and just keep my mind busy in a positive and productive way. I am doing it so can everyone of you. You can’t do it alone. Do something new, what have you got to loose?” ~Bill~

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