During our classes we’ve discussed that for the most part, visual effects are produced in post production but that is not always the case. Sometimes, as in an episode of BONES, the planning started in pre-production, then involved production for a large portion of it and then finally post production put it all together. Click on the link below and see how a “sink hole” was created for this episode of BONES.

Watch Bones Episodes – Bones Online Videos

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  1. That is so cool to be able to learn from the Television Shows that are current and airing presently. The H.I.S. program has come a long way in it’s growth and advancement from the first class in 2009…It’s just a year ago around this time the first class was inseesion, with the graduating class in September 2009. God has truly Blessed these founders and instructors…not to mention what benefits the students have received, myself being one of them. Philippines 3:10 comes to life here. Continued Blessings on all involved.

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