A few weeks ago the Sheriff’s Department contracted with HOLLYWOOD IMPACT STUDIOS to produce a video about the current condition of the LASD laundry facility. One of the great parts to this story is that the Sheriff’s Department approved of us using our current inmate/students as part of our crew.

This had so many blessings to it. Our guys had an opportunity to truly give back and help the Sheriff’s Department and the deputies had an opportunity to see our guys in a different light. Men of Integrity that truly want to give back to society and the Sheriff’s Department that incarsarates them.

The guys did a great job. Worked very hard, gave 100% and were able to have some fun along the way. What a great crew we had, a blend of Hollywood professionals and our students.

Thanks to our terrific, giving instructors, Ryan Sheridan, Stan Cassio, Branden Morris, Chris Ackerman, Josh Holt, Scott McLean, Richard and Keiko Badger. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you all!!

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