One of the unique aspects of our ministry and mentoring program is that it continues even once
“our guys” (HOLLYWOOD IMPACT STUDIOS Graduates) have served their time and are released. Since our last posting, our guys were very involved in the filming of a 168 Film Festival project.

They worked both behind and in front of the camera. They were terrific crew members and amazing actors as well.

For many this was their first time to work on a real set.

“Potter’s Hand” was a true blessing for everyone involved. Thanks to the entire cast and crew for making it so…

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  1. Ah, the joy of working a live set was a true pleasure for me. Being able to work as both an actor and a grip allowed me to experience exactly the hard work that is involved so that an award winning project may be developed. I did say award winning because our short film, “The Potter’s Hand” won the best behind the scenes documentary at the 168 film festival in Glendale, CA.

    What is so amazing about this is that our Beloved Director, Chandler, went home to be with the Lord shortly thereafter. His determination, dedication and professionalism, along with his happy go lucky demeanor even while suffering from a fatal illness, proved that any one, (including myself), can overcome and persevere in the face of tragedy. Although I had worked on a previous “shoot” with Hollywood Impact Studios since my release from jail, this project will always be my most dear and rememberable event in my life. Since that time Gary has Blessed me with other opportunities for working in the industry. This is all done as it is stated in God’s word “So that we all may know the Power of His (Jesus’s) Resurrection”, Philippians 3:10 NASB. I wish all of the Graduates who have came after me much success and many Blessings.
    Thank You Hollywood Impact Studios and many Blessings Always.

    Rick Straub
    “Brother John” in the Potter’s Hand (cowboy hat…hehehe…what fun)

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