Just a quick update on how our very first class went at the Los Angeles County Detention Center. It could not have gone better! PRAISE GOD! GOD IS GOOD!! Our “Students” seemed to be either all Christians or at least moving in that direction. We had lively conversations on television production, but also on the importance of having a strong walk as they pursue this industry. They are an excited and exciting group of men. They took a lot of notes and had great questions. The other thing that was really humbling was how appreciative they were that we were there.

It made me laugh as it’s never happened to me before. One of the students asked to go back two slides on my power point demo. I was sure he’d missed a note about television production, he didn’t. He missed the Bible verse that was quoted.

We are so excited to see what God does with this ministry. We can see it’s going to be quite a ride, We’re just so happy He is letting us be part of it.

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