A lot has happened since our last post… the biggest, is an amazing new venture…. We are currently working with the County of Los Angeles to possibly take over an abandoned rehab camp called Warm Springs up in the Angeles Forest.


We are in the process of evaluating the property to see what it would take to turn it into HOLLYWOOD IMPACT STUDIOS RECOVERY AND VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTER. Yes, it’s a mouthful, but if it’s God’s will then it will happen.

DSC_3150 DSC_3160  DSC_3168 DSC_3169 DSC_3171 DSC_3173

It has a full commerical kitchen, lots of classrooms, a mechanics shop, wood shop, dorms… and more.

The County of Los Angeles gave us “the keys” right before Christmas to begin the (3) month evaluation period.  So far everything looks good.    Watch for more news in future posts.  Hope you all had a terrific Christmas.



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