Lots has transpired since my last post…


This post, I’m going to talk about our end of semester shoot, “Going Back”.   This shoot was directed by Jim Sembiazza, who came up with this unique idea.


We would follow two former inmates, Tony Mendoza and Matthew Feldmeth back into jail.   Both men been out of jail/prison for over a year. Neither had been back since their release.    For Tony, it had been over a year and for Matthew, he had not been in Pitchess Detention Center for over 18 years.  (He was in state prison)  Both men would give current inmates some advise on how not to return to jail once they’re released.   Neither man pulled any punches either.


This heart-shaped cloud appear over our shoot.   A smile from God or just a random cloud shape?   It’s up to you to decide.

It was a great shoot and I think everyone got a lot out of it.   Thanks to all of our volunteers and the Sheriff’s Department for your sacrifices and help in getting this one “in the can”.


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