Stan Cassio

Vice President, New Edit

“[It’s] an outstanding idea. I am surprised that other studios have not come up with it.”

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  1. Hi Stan this is Dennis Espinoza I paroled 2 weeks ago and I am at the substance abuse foundation of Long Beach. Your are a great teacher and I really enjoyed your classes. Are you still teaching editing? You can reach at 3125 e. 7th st, Long Beach Ca 90804 or by email I check on occasion while I am allowed during my job search. God bless you I hope to hear from you soon.

    • Dennis

      Congratulations on your release. I am please to hear that you are in a program and choosing a new path. Thank you for your kind words. I enjoy the teaching aspect of the ministry and relish in the fact that we are making a difference. I am still teaching at Pitches and will continue to do so as long as God permits me to.

  2. Hi Stan i hope that you find yourself blessed in every way today.

  3. Stan
    We never had the chance to meet while I was at South in the Merit program with Dr. James Beard. I am about to go to Voc. Rehab. and would like to become one of your students to learn especially Avid editing and any other aspects of the film industry you may be teaching. I just recently paroled 4-19-15 and came into treatment at Safe Refuge here in Long Beach. Can you please assist me in how I can get involved with what you are doing as far as teaching and where. Mess. # 562-987-5722

    • Unfortunately I do not teach outside of the Ministry. However, there are many schools that I would advise you to look into.

      Moviola Digital

      Digital Symphony

  4. Stan
    I am a Merit grad., never had the opportunity of meeting you, currently enrolled at West L.A. college taking multimedia..getting Final Cut Pro. I took Mr. Hall’s counselor wood like to know my employment opportunities..can you give any insight in this area?

    • Congratulations on your enrollment and pursuing the craft. Not sure what you are asking.
      – Are you asking if I would hire you?
      – Are you asking if its difficult get employment in this field?

      My advise to you is to follow your passion and work hard all the time. Specially when nobody is looking.

  5. Stan this is Sean Gower give me a call some time would love to hear from you my number is (951) 399-1816. Thanks And God Bless.

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