Our Alumni Group, held at Grace Baptist Church is still struggling to find a full time instructor and admittedly some of our attendance has dropped off a bit, but for those who continue to faithfully attend, we are seeing some real positive results.   Families are getting stronger, men are supporting one another and strong healthy relationships are being created.

A couple of weeks ago, after our initial class, we all gathered around to signed and addressed cards and letters to send to the our HOLLYWOOD IMPACT STUDIOS grads that are serving time “in State”.


We also gave out a very much overdue, “Best Writers Award” to Gerald Grant, who won that award back in our semester #3 class in 2010 for best original short screenplay.   Congrats Gerald!

For those of you interested in attending or coming back to join us at our Sheriff’s Department/HOLLYWOOD IMPACT STUDIOS Alumni meeting, it’s held every Tuesday night at 7PM at Grace Baptist Church in Santa Clarita, room C-215.  Hope to see you there.

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