On Location–Filming

We ended our 10th semester with our normal “Final Shoot”. During this final production the students and instructors trade places… our students run the cameras, lights and sound while the instructors guide them.

This shoot was a little different, this time, the students wrote commercials for several of the Sheriff’s M.E.R.I.T programs  (http://lasdshb.wordpress.com/2007/02/21/lasd-merit-program-graduation/) and we filmed them. Next semester they will edit them for broadcast on LASD TV.

During the commercial for the music program, for fun, Cyndi jumped onto the drum set.

Thanks to all of our volunteer staff that gave up their Saturday to help us with the shoot!

Also, Chick-fil-A donated food to the shoot again.   Thank you so much.  Our guys loved the food and it really helped us keep our budget down.   Your continued support means a lot to us.

Next semester starts soon. Congrats to all of our Semester #10 Grads.

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