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About two weeks ago we had our “End of Semester Shoot”.   This one was much like the shoot we did last year where the Sheriff’s Department asked us to do a video that featured the 5 Keys Creative Writing Class.   This time they asked us to feature the 5 Keys jail band, CONTRABAND.


Afer a couple of hours of set up, our student crew, led by our Hollywood Professional instructors began “filming” the band.   Wow, the band was amazing.  (Note:  We are not allowed to show pictures of the faces of the band unfortunately).


The video will be shown at the 5 Keys Art Show on June 10th at the Los Angeles Public Library, downtown LA.   Below is the closest thing we can show of the band in action!


It was a great shoot and “our guys” did an amazing job.  A special thanks to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for all their help in making it happen.

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