Brandon “Chandler”, a dear friend to many of us and a very important part of the HOLLYWOOD IMPACT STUDIOS family, is fighting stage 4 liver cancer. We ask that you please pray for Chandler and his family. Pray for comfort, healing and control of the pain…both his and ours.

The family is also holding a Film Festival Fundraiser for Chandler on
May 28, 2011 at 5PM at:

Bethlehem Lutheran Church
27265 Luther Dr.
Canyon Country, California

Admission is free, dinner and snacks will be served for a donation. If you’d like to come please RSVP or if you’d like to simply make a donation please, contact the family at: ronola57@gmail.com

Thank you so much for your support of this spiritual giant of a man.

We love you Chandler!

3 Comments on “HOLLYWOOD IMPACT STUDIOS – Prayer Request

  1. Lord I demand let not my heart be trouble; Prayer for brother Alex I demand let not his heart be trouble

  2. I need prayer that I get free from a very controlling spirit on a family member that has tried to control me for a long time. I need prayer I am free from that controlling spirit and God sets me free mentally, physically and emotionally. I need prayer I get on my feet and start to function as a grown adult in their 20s. I don’t feel like a regular adult in their 20s and I really need God in my life. Please pray I become free. Its a spirit of blame and bullying on my family. I really need to be free. I been in bondage for to many years. Pushing friends away, not working as hard as I should, even losing weight due to not having money. I know its a spirit holding me. I can even feel it. PLEASE PRAY I feel in such bondage it’s crazy. I honestly feel the person who has tried to control me is kind of evil. I feel it in my spirit. I pray FERVENTLY

    • Tynyta,

      We will be praying for you. For release from bondage, for guidance for your life.

      Hollywood Impact Studio

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