We held our first class on Miracle Mountain and solved a problem at the same time.    The problem:  we had a huge bee hive inside a wall of the big house on the lower compound.

DSC_6197 DSC_7219

The solution:


We brought down master bee keeper Art Hall from San Jose to teach “Introduction to Bee Keeping”.


After some classroom instruction we headed to the wood shop to build bee hives (the bees new home).


We had sixteen students of different ages and background.     All were very enthusiastic and involved.   Lots of good bonding time, laughter and fellowship, though you wouldn’t know it by our facial expressions (except Richie!).




Even a few of the our kids helped in building the bee hives.

20170728_152250  DSC_7107 DSC_7141

Then it was back to the classroom to try on our bee suits.

DSC_7169  DSC_7168 DSC_7173

Whew! all that on Friday…

Saturday we suited up and headed to the lower compound to begin the process of moving our visitors to their new home.

DSC_7193 - CopyDSC_7222

DSC_7202 - Copy  DSC_7214 20170729_144850

DSC_7184 DSC_7199

DSC_7190 20170729_145539

It was an extremely long day, and hot!   The bees were not as enthusiastic as we were so progress was slow, but we still needed to get our new bees safely into their new home.

DSC_7237  DSC_7217

DSC_7242   DSC_7213

Sunday we housed them and moved them into their new neighborhood.  No, not Sesame Street.  Bees need to be in full sunlight and besides, Oscar wouldn’t be thrilled with bees digging around in his garbage!

We also learned how to take care of our new bees in their hive and the  bee hive that Art (our instructor) donated. We learned it’s best to have two bee hives so you can tell if something is wrong with a hive, or not.

20170730_142933  20170730_142641 20170730_143310

On Monday we learned the profession of bee keeping, harvesting honey, wax and propolis.  We tasted honey from our very own hive and said goodbye to our instructor.

DSC_7250 20170728_113042 DSC_7088

It was truly an excellent class.   Learned a lot and saved a hive of bees an preserved our environment and will tie in nicely to our organic gardening class, but that’s for another time down the road.

Thanks be to God for keeping us all safe, even in the heat and a special thank you to Art Hall, Master Bee Keeper!



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  1. I’m praying for all of you.I miss you guys and thank you for the impact you had on my life.

    • Thank you so much Ruben… please drop by our Alumni some Tuesday night at Grace Baptist Church in Santa Clarita… we’re there from 7PM-9PM. Really do appreciate you comment. Please stay in touch.

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