Working on the Outside


Two weeks ago HOLLYWOOD IMPACT STUDIOS had a real production that actually was a paying job…  Yes, we got hired for a production job which was terrific because we were actually able to hire and pay many of our Hollywood Impact Studios Alumni who are out of jail and doing well.   We shot all day out at Melody Ranch Western Set in Santa Clarita, California.

HOLLYWOOD IMPACT STUDIOS was contracted by the Lutheran Hour Ministries in St. Louis Missouri to shoot the “wraparounds” that will help re-launch their class series THIS IS THE LIFE.


The shoot went very well… longer than expected but went well none the less.   We were also able to hire TRADE TECH to cater our shoot.  Their culinary students did a terrific job!  Thank you Charlie Roseland and Trade Tech for making this possible.


Admittedly we did go way over budget for many reasons that were beyond our control so we will be doing a crowd funding project through Indiegogo to help cover finishing costs, so please keep an eye open for that offering.



We really would like to thank Lutheran Hour Ministries for their support and faith in HOLLYWOOD IMPACT STUDIOS.  We’d also like to thank our crew who were incredible!  Also the Veluzat family for their help and support with our shooting location.   It was a glorious day of production.

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